• When does my temporary password expire?

    Temporary passwords have different expirations based on how you received them. Text-based temporary passwords expire in 6 hours, email temporary passwords expire in 24 hours.

  • Why doesn't my username and password work?

    If you have created a portal account, and haven't signed in or used the account in more than a year, the account is set to a deactivated stage.

    Contact the office you set up the account with and ask them to resend the temporary password link and this should re-establish your account.

  • Do I need an appointment to sign up for MyMSUHealth?
    You don’t need an appointment, but you must be a current patient of MSU HealthTeam. Current patients have had an appointment with their provider within the past 3 years. You can read our instructions or download our pdf instructions on how to sign up.
  • I tried signing up for the portal at home but the system couldn't find my account?

    Typically, there are a few reasons your account can’t be found:

    1. Your name, phone number or address doesn't match what we have on file for you
    2. When signing up as a Family Member you have input your information instead of the patient’s information on the initial screen, OR
    3. You haven’t been seen within the past 3 years.
    Please contact the office location you are seen at to get further assistance.
  • I am getting phone calls, SMS texts AND emails for every appointment and lab results. How can I receive fewer notices from your office?

    With your patient portal account, you can limit the type of communications you want to receive from us to just the right ones. Here is an overview of how to modify the types of automated communications.

    1. Log into your portal account.
    2. Navigate to the My Profile Section/My Notification.
    3. Adjust notifications based on the type and how you want to receive them.
      1. Health Notifications: Lab Results, reminders to complete tests, imaging studies, screenings and other health maintenance activities.
      2. Appointments: Appointment reminders, reminders to schedule, future appointment cancellation notification.
      3. Announcements: Weather cancellations, immediate cancellations, and other announcements that are generally not health-specific.
      4. Billing: Notifications of balances due on your account.
    4. If you only want to get Text Messages for a particular type, contact the office.
    screenshot of notifications with explanations