Pediatric Scoliosis Clinic

The MSU Spine and Orthopedic Center offers a scoliosis clinic once a month by our pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Because scoliosis is a progressive condition that can cause severe deformity if untreated, it is best to diagnose early and monitor changes.

Scoliosis causes sideways curve of your backbone or spine. These curves are often S- or C-shaped. Scoliosis is most common in late childhood and the early teens, when children grow quickly. Girls are more likely to have it than boys. It can be genetic. Symptoms include leaning to one side, prominent ribs, and having uneven shoulders and hips.

A referral is not required. If you have had previous treatment or surgery, please bring your office or surgical notes. If you have x-rays, please bring a copy of the films (not a report) to avoid delay in treatment and unnecessary x-rays.

  • Services
    • Scoliosis Screening
    • Brace Treatment
    • Surgical Correction
  • Common Treatments, Tests and Preparation
    • Scoliosis Screening
      • A simple physical exam is the basis for scoliosis screening in children. We will take a family history, since sometimes it runs in families. The physician will take a look at key points to see if they are in alignment, such as your hips, ribs and shoulders. Based on the physical exam findings, imaging of the spine may be necessary.
      • If the physical exam shows a possibility of a significant curve, we will often do additional testing to verify and rule out other causes. Typically, we will get an x-ray of your child’s spine. X-rays are obtained and reviewed during the office visit so there is no waiting for your results.
    • Bracing Treatments
      • When scoliosis is diagnosed, treatment is based on the size of the curve and how much growth the patient has remaining. When the curve is moderate in size, has been getting worse, and the child is still growing, we will often recommend a brace. The purpose of the brace is to prevent the curve from getting worse. There are several types of braces that can be used and are chosen based upon the type of curve and lifestyle of the patient. Most braces must be worn every day for at least 14 hours. Braces are generally worn until growth is complete and the risk that the curve will worsen is past.
      • As part of our scoliosis clinic we provide an on-site orthotic specialist who can initially fit and then monitor and adjust your child’s brace.
    • Surgical Correction Treatment
      • When curves are severe, generally over 50 degrees, surgical intervention is considered. Curves this large tend to worsen even when growth is complete. To prevent progressive deformity throughout adulthood, surgery is performed to correct the alignment of the spine and fuse the spine. Our scoliosis specialist performs these surgeries at both Sparrow and McLaren Hospitals.
  • New Patient


Fourth Friday of the Month: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.