The MSU Health Care Urology clinic exists to cure or reduce suffering from urologic disease and disability within an innovative and collaborative setting of urological care and research. Our providers have faculty appointments with Michigan State University College of Osteopathic MedicineDepartment of Osteopathic Surgical Specialties.

We care for pediatric and adult patients, spanning the spectrum of a person’s life, from birth to their geriatric care. MSU Health Care Urology is made up of a multidisciplinary group of physician surgeons with a common purpose: compassionate treatment of patients with urologic diseases.

We offer both non-surgical as well as surgical treatments, including expertise with the da Vinci minimally invasive robotic assisted surgery.

We invite you to experience the kind of care we provide—care where patients and their families are a priority. And care to which referring physicians know they can entrust their patients. Most patients are required to have a referral from a primary care physician or other specialist.

Meet Dr. Colton Prudnick, a urological surgeon at the MSU Health Care Urology clinic. Prudnick's experience with state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge procedures makes him a valuable addition to MSU Health Care.

Meet Dr. Todd Moyerbrailean, a urogynecologist at MSU Health Care Urology. Moyerbrailean specializes in pelvic floor disorders and brings almost 30 years experience to MSU Health Care.

For some, it could be the reason they never seek treatment. Dr. Arya Khatiwoda with MSU Health Care Urology discusses some of the common issues experienced by female patients and why they shouldn't be nervous to make an appointment.

Meet our new board-certified urologist, Dr. Britt Zimmerman. In addition to his work with reconstructive urology at MSU Health Care Urology, Zimmerman assists with cancer survivorship in men, and spinal cord injuries.

Listen to learn more about the innovative care we offer at MSU Health Care Urology
with Drs. Khatiwoda & Moyerbrailen

MSU Health Care Urology Clinic an Innovative and Collaborative Home to Urologic Care and Research | Originally published December 9, 2022 on WKAR - MSU Today with Russ White



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