MSU Health Care to expand 'payvider' model

March 13, 2024 - Becker's Hospital CFO Report

MSU Health Care CEO Seth Ciabotti

Originally published March 7, 2024 on

Last year, MSU Health Care, in partnership with Health Alliance Plan, worked with Henry Ford Health to launch the HAP MSUHC Medicare HMO plan with $0 premium and $0 primary care provider copay.

The plan is available to all Medicare-eligible citizens of Michigan and includes a $550 flex card for dental, vision and hearing, as well as other benefits. The effort is part of their 30-year collaboration, announced in 2021.

MSU Health Care has been able to quickly bring its Medicare Advantage plans to market and aims to expand into the commercial market as well.

"We have a few other insurance products that we will be launching both in the commercial world and then continue with Medicare Advantage in the employer-based world," said Seth Ciabotti, CEO of MSU Health Care, on an episode of the "Becker's Healthcare Podcast." "We want to get in the game and be what is the future of health care: a payvider. MSU Health Care fits that model very well."