Patient Rights


MSU HealthTeam values patient privacy and protects patient confidentiality.  Key patient privacy rights are detailed in the Notice of Privacy Practices, including the right to request copies of your protected health information (PHI) and the right to request that we communicate with you in certain ways.  We will accommodate reasonable requests.

Patients  also have the right to request  amendments to their records when they feel information is incorrect or missing.   Please fill out the Patient Request for Amendment  form and submit to the MSU HealthTeam Privacy Officer.

Our mailing address
MSU HealthTeam Privacy Officer
West Fee Hall, 909 Fee Road, East Lansing, MI 48824-1315

Filing Complaints/Concerns, Questions and Suggestions

When you have a complaint or concern regarding your or a family member’s patient care from MSU HealthTeam, we want to know about it.

Rest assured we register complaints and have a process to address your concerns. Speaking up on behalf of yourself or a loved one will not compromise a patient’s future access to care. Below are available methods for expressing your concerns with us.

The nurse manager or clinic manager is your primary contact at each location where you have received services.

During the patient visit

Communication is essential to good care. If you have a concern with your care, treatment or our procedures, please let us know. You can communicate to your care provider or if you prefer, ask to speak to the clinic manager.

After the patient visit

After your visit, please contact the manager for the location in question. To get the contact information of a location, refer to our directory page and the appropriate practice.