Referring Guidelines


MSU Health Care provides Care Line, a centralized provider referral line. Providers now have a fast, convenient way to refer their patients to MSU Health Care. The addition of 1-844-90-REFER (844.907.3337) will simplify the referral process and allow our staff to better serve the patient community.

Using Care Line, our central referral line, providers can communicate with any of MSU Health Care’s 22 offices by calling one toll-free number. Referral navigators transcribe the information and send the referral to the correct clinic.

In addition to the referral line, MSU Health Care has a global referral form. The form can be used to refer patients to any of the MSU clinics by faxing the completed form to the respective office. Please note, if your office utilizes a unique referral form, you may continue to do so and fax that form to the number listed above.

Enclosed is a flyer about the Care Line as well as the universal referral form with contact information on the back. Please, if you have any questions, call us on 517.353.4929.