Medical Records

We are committed to providing health care in a manner that demonstrates respect for patients and their families. As a patient, we recognize you have certain rights, such as to receive a copy of your medical record. To have copies of your medical record sent to another healthcare provider or individual, please review the below instructions in our Medical Records FAQs.


Medical Records FAQs

  • How can I request a copy of my medical records?

    Your MyMSUHealth Portal allows you access to view and download your records at any time.  You may also complete the Patient Authorization For Disclosure of Health Information by clicking on "CONTACT US" button on the right side of screen to receive a copy of your medical records or to authorize us to forward a copy of your medical record directly to a physician using the chatbox. A copy of this authorization can be mailed or faxed to you as well. 

    There may be a charge for the preparation and postage of your medical record. See our Fee Schedule for details. There is no charge if you wish to have a copy of your record sent directly to a physician or healthcare facility. 

    For those who are unable to submit the request electronically or are not a current MSU Health Care patient, please use our Release of Information Form to request your records. You can fax or mail the release of information to us. It typically takes seven (7) to ten (10) business days to complete your request. Our contact information is below:

    MSU Health Care Medical Records
    804 Service Rd.
    East Lansing, MI  48824
    F: 517.432.2364

  • Can you give me medical information over the phone?

    No. This is due to the need to protect patient confidentiality.  Additionally, we are not clinical personnel and cannot explain test results.  If you need medical advice, please call you providers office directly. 

  • Do you accept authorizations from other facilities?

    Yes. We accept authorizations from other facilities if they contain the basic components we require in a valid authorization. The components are:

    • Patient Name
    • Patient Date of Birth
    • Name of organization records requested from
    • Name and address of organization or person to receive the record
    • Date(s) of treatment
    • Specific type of documents/reports needed
    • Purpose and need for disclosure
    • Dated signature of patient or patient’s representative Informational notice regarding records protected under 432 CFR Part II (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Records)
    • Informational notice regarding records protected under DPH rules of 1989, Public Act 174(HIV, ARC, AIDS)
  • Why do I have to sign an authorization and pay form copies of my records?

    The authorization allows a formal method of obtaining patient consent and is evidence of that consent. The authorization will be kept in the patient’s chart and documents the scope of the request, the patient’s consent and completion of the request.

    Charges are made for record copies to help pay for record retrieval and copying. The use of authorization forms and the practice of charging for copies reflect the regulatory and business aspects of this function.  The record in the portal is available to the patient at all times without the need to submit authorization or pay fees.  Please visit Medical Records Access Act Fees for additional information about medical record fees.

  • Can a parent or guardian sign a release for records once a patient turns 18?

    No. The age of the majority in Michigan is 18. To make the release valid, the patient would have to sign for himself/herself, unless a new order for adult guardianship is provided.

  • Can my spouse get my medical records?

    No, unless they have an authorization signed by you or your legal representative. 

  • How can I request a correction to my medical record?

    Medical Record staff cannot change, alter or redact medical records in any way.

    To request changes to your record within the scope of the law, submit the Request for Amendment of Protected Health Information.

  • I am a divorced parent of minor children. Can my former spouse get their medical records?

    Yes, non-custodial parents have an equal right to a child's medical information. They can only be denied access if they have been stripped of all parental rights. We must have court documentation to facilitate the denial.

  • How can I request a disc copy of my radiology imaging?

    You can contact MSU Health Care Imaging Services for disc imaging requests at 517-353-4920.  If your imaging was not performed at MSU Health Care Imaging Services, please contact the facility where you had your radiology procedure.

  • I need to request a copy of my billing records. Can MSU Health Care Medical Records staff access and release billing information?

    No. If you have a questions or need assistance with your account, please contact MSU Health Care Patient Accounts at 800-964-3968 for at

    For MSU students:
    Outstanding university obligations can restrict your access if a financial hold is placed by the university on your account. To learn more, visit the financial hold section of Spartan Life, the guide to student life at MSU. Medical record staff can not lift a hold on your account.