MSU Health Care improves the health of Michigan through partnerships and high-quality care

June 15, 2024

 Patient checking glucose on video visit with a doctor.

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MSU Health Care, the academic medical center of Michigan State University, provides exemplary care to support the research and academic missions of MSU Health Sciences. MSU Health Care is more than providers and clinics, it is a network of organizations that are operated or managed as part of an integrated health system with a single mission to improve the health of Michigan. 

“Patients come first,” said Seth Ciabotti, CEO of MSU Health Care. “As health care shifts from taking care of people when they are sick to maintaining health, MSU Health Care is in a unique position as an academic medical center without a hospital. By combining the clinical expertise of MSU Health Care with the top care partners in a given location, we can offer an unparalleled patient experience from primary care, imaging, laboratory tests, pharmacy and specialty care like neurology which puts people first and improves their health.” 

As an academic medical center that operates without a hospital, MSU Health Care is leveraging its agility and flexibility to invest in and expand its presence in areas that align with community needs. MSU Health Care enjoys partnerships with most of the major health systems in Michigan, including Henry Ford Health, Corewell Health, McLaren Health Care and Michigan Medicine Health-Sparrow in addition to more than 100 affiliates in the state of Michigan. It’s these relationships that can provide value to impact the health of Michigan. 

Improving care for Michigan seniors with Health Alliance Plan 

Adults with medical insurance are more likely to be screened for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes and other preventive care measures recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force.  

“Research has shown that lack of insurance is a barrier to receiving timely health screenings and preventive care, said Seth Ciabotti, CEO for MSU Health Care. “Through the HAP/MSU Health Care partnership exceptional health care and cost-effective insurance opportunities come together to support better health outcomes” 

This plan is designed to help seniors in Michigan manage their health and age in place, while providing health care coverage for their unique needs. Last year, MSU Health Care, in partnership with Health Alliance Plan, launched the HAP MSUHC Medicare HMO plan with $0 premium and $0 primary care provider copay. In 2023, 1,008 people were enrolled into the plan, which is designed to help seniors in Michigan manage their health and age in place, while providing health care coverage for their unique needs. 

The plan is available to all Medicare-eligible citizens of Michigan (excluding MSU retirees currently on Humana) and includes a $550 flex card for dental, vision and hearing, as well as other benefits. The effort is part of the Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences 30-year collaboration. 

Concierge coaching for chronic diseases extends care to home 

In 2021, MSU Health Care launched a digital remote patient monitoring (RPM) program for individuals in Michigan aimed at improving the management of chronic diseases while reducing the need for costly medical interventions. The digital health solution helps patients and providers stay connected and ensures patients receive the care they need, when they need it. Participating patients receive a free set of devices for at-home use. Credentialed clinicians monitor their health data on an ongoing basis, reaching out regularly if their numbers indicate a potential issue. 

“We are thrilled to witness the remarkable results of our Care Everyday program,” said Michael Weiner, DO, MSM, MSIST, MSU Health Care chief medical officer. “This transformative initiative not only reflects our commitment to innovative health care but also underscores the tangible impact technology can have on improving the well-being of our patients. Together, we are shaping a healthier future, one where proactive, remote monitoring plays a pivotal role in achieving lasting health outcomes.” 

The outcomes support the use of remote patient monitoring. In its first 90 days, the program delivered $212,074 in savings from 5 avoided ED visits and potential hospitalizations. The average patient, after one year, experienced a 13.25-pound decrease in their body weight, as well as a 10.91-point reduction in their blood sugar (measured in mg/dL). Half of patients with hypertension went from uncontrolled to controlled within 6 months. For patients who participate, their Care Everyday health, personal and lifestyle data are an integral part of their care experience. 

Health outreach is part of good health care

Physical activity plays an integral role in shaping a child's future health. It contributes to maintaining a healthy weight, enhances cardiovascular fitness, bone strength and muscular coordination. According to the CDC, 20.7% of children ages 6–11 in the US are obese. 

“Engaging in regular exercise helps children build healthy habits that can last a lifetime, enhancing their health, both physical and mental, as well as having positive impacts on academic performance, self-esteem, and ability to interact with peers,” said Robert Root, associate chief medical officer and pediatrician at MSU Health Care. “Walking and running programs are essential in fostering these benefits by encouraging children to stay active in a fun and supportive environment.”  

The MSU Health Care Sports Medicine Mileage Club has been successful in promoting physical activity among elementary school children. In its second year, over 10,000 students from 33 mid-Michigan elementary schools participated. Collectively, the children walked or ran over 100,000 miles. Fitness Finders, located in Jackson, MI, operates the program and is recognized as the #1 run program for elementary schools in the United States. 

MSU Health Care Sports Medicine has actively supported athletes of all levels for more than 30 years. These sports medicine practitioners are the exclusive health care provider for the 801 MSU student-athletes in the locker room and during play. Providers and athletic trainers also support team medical coverage for 6 area school districts and local high schools, the Lansing Lugnuts, the U.S. Olympic figure-skating, Judo and ski and snowboarding teams, and several races including the Capital City River Run and the Izzo 5k Run/Walk/Roll. N-Schrader-Impression5-00816.jpg

Staying active also positively impacts cognitive function, mood regulation, and social interactions which are vital components of a child’s development. MSU Health Care promotes STEM education and careers to local youth in the region through access to educational programming, events, and traveling exhibits provided by the Impression 5 Science Center. The newly revealed exhibit, Organ Adventure: Exploring the Human Body” is an interactive experience designed to educate visitors about human anatomy and health. It is open from June 15 to August 18.  

Looking to the Future 

MSU Health Care will continue to represent mid-Michigan communities, strive to increase outreach, expand through partnerships and further enable accessibility of health services. Visit to learn about all our services.