MSU Health Care and Nomi Health Partner to Revolutionize Health Care Delivery for Self-funded Employers in Michigan

January 11, 2024

Nomi Health and MSU Health Care

East Lansing, Mich. - MSU Health Care is thrilled to announce it has joined Nomi Health’s employer directed network to meet the needs of self-funded employers in Michigan. The collaboration is one of the first of its kind, which brings direct and affordable health care options to Michigan employers looking to provide high-quality and affordable care to their employees.

“This collaboration represents a fusion of academic prowess and entrepreneurial innovation, with the shared goal of creating a more seamless, patient-centric health care experience,” said Roger Jansen, MSU Health Care chief strategic growth officer. “By leveraging MSU Health Care's clinical excellence and Nomi Health's proficiency in direct health care solutions, we are not just building a partnership; we are constructing a blueprint for the future of health care in Michigan—one where accessibility, efficiency, and patient well-being take center stage."

In this alliance, MSU Health Care will leverage its clinical expertise to provide high-quality care to self-funded employers utilizing Nomi Health’s solutions. With a longstanding commitment to advancing health care through education, research, and patient care, MSU Health Care is well-positioned to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of the community. Michigan employers using Nomi Health’s direct network can now access MSU Health Care’s extensive list of health care facilities, medical groups, and affiliated providers through $0 deductible and $0 co-pay plans, delivering an easy and seamless experience for their employees.

“Employers of all sizes are considering alternative solutions to address the increasing cost of health care,” said Mark Newman, CEO and co-founder of Nomi Health. “Our partnership with MSU Health Care delivers the growing need for affordable, alternative health care options that are easily accessible by employers and the families they serve.”

By combining the clinical expertise of MSU Health Care with Nomi Health's proficiency in direct health care solutions, the collaboration seeks to redefine the landscape of health care delivery. Through Nomi Health’s network, Michigan employers and their employees gain access to MSU Health Care’s extensive list of over 300 physicians through transparent and cost-effective health care.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

  • Comprehensive Health Care Solutions: MSU Health Care will continue to deliver high-quality clinical care, focusing on preventive measures, diagnostics, and treatment options tailored to individual needs.
  • Direct and Affordable Health Care: Nomi Health’s innovative plan design and payment model reduces the administrative burden on providers by paying providers within days instead of months.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: In partnership with MSU Health Care, Nomi Health is connecting patients with the highest quality of care through a patient-centered approach aimed at addressing the diverse health care needs of local Michigan communities.

Both MSU Health Care and Nomi Health are excited about the transformative impact this partnership will make in Michigan by bridging the gap between employers and providers. Together, they are committed to advancing health care accessibility, improving health outcomes, and setting a new standard for integrated health care solutions in Michigan. To learn more, visit


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