MSU Health Care Announces New Pharmacy Mobile Application

January 31, 2020

Free App Available In Google Play And Apple Store


Filling a prescription with MSU Pharmacies has never been easier with the launch of our new mobile app: PocketRx. 

PocketRx allows users to upload their prescriptions 24/7 and set reminders for when to take them. Users can send and receive messages directly to their pharmacy through the app and can manage prescriptions for multiple members of their family in one place.

Patients can also receive refill reminders to make sure they do not run out of medications as well as get detailed information on the medications they're taking, including side effects, ratings and more. 

PocketRx has co-pay coupons where you can save up to $450 on top brand medications. With the health news tab, you can stay informed with pharmacist-approved news, videos and articles about your condition or medication.

To download the app:

  1. Search 'PocketRx' in the Apple store or Google Play and click download.
  2. Once downloaded, search for the zip code '48824' and select your preferred MSU Pharmacy (Clinical Center or Olin).
  3. Create your account, customize your profile and begin using PocketRx for your pharmacy needs.

*Please note: once your select your pharmacy, you cannot change the location unless you create a new account.

PocketRx is replacing the currently mobile app MobileRx effective January 31, 2020. Those who currently use the MobileRx app should switch to PocketRx as their MSU HealthTeam information will no longer be compatible with MobileRx.

Click here to download PocketRx