MSU Olin Pharmacy To Close Temporarily Until Further Notice

April 2, 2020

Operations Moved To The Clinical Center Pharmacy

In an effort to be proactive during these uncertain times and consolidate our resources, MSU Health Care will temporarily close the Olin Pharmacy beginning Monday, April 6, until further notice. I

The Clinical Center Pharmacy will remain open and acquire any prescription refills that would previously be filled at Olin Pharmacy. All patients using SyncRx to refill their prescriptions will automatically be transferred to and filled by the Clinical Center Pharmacy. All other patients can contact the MSU Pharmacies to have their prescriptions filled at the Clinical Center Pharmacy or transferred to another pharmacy.

Olin Pharmacy prescriptions ready for pick up on Monday, April 6, can now be picked up at the Clinical Center Pharmacy.

With a majority of students no longer on campus, the Olin Pharmacy has seen a drastic drop in operations. Pharmacy staff currently working at Olin will be transferred to the Clinical Center Pharmacy, where they have seen an increase in operations. Staff will be available through April 10 to answer phones and help assist with the transition.

As a reminder, all MSU Pharmacy patients living within a 30-mile radius can have their prescriptions as well as over-the-counter medications delivered to their home free of charge. Curbside service is also available when picking up your prescriptions.

For questions about the closure, please call the Clinical Center Pharmacy at 517-353-4930.