MSU Surgery Attends Breastival

February 25, 2016

Michigan State University (MSU) Surgery attended the fourth annual Breastival on Feb. 8, hosted by the Women’s Information Network and Support (WINS). MSU Surgery has participated in the free event designed to celebrate breast health and survivorship since its inception.

"Patients being aware of the many opportunities to intervene in their own breast care is key to early breast cancer detection, more effective treatment, and prolonged survival," said Harvey Bumpers, Director of MSU Surgery Breast Program and Professor of Surgery with MSU College of Human Medicine, Department of Surgery.

With about 125 people in attendance at the evening event, many questions the experts at MSU Surgery fielded were related to breast cancer, early detection, genetic testing, breast cancer risk assessment and breast reconstruction.

RN Gail Meyer and surgeon Harvey Bumpers at Breastival

From Left, Gail Meyer, RN Interdisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic Coordinator and Dr. Harvey Bumpers, MSU Breast Program Director are ready to speak with attendees at the 2016 Breastival.

Miranda Cristales, PA-C, Nanacy Spadafore, RN, Mary Smania, DNP, FNP-BC, and Pam Haan, RN
Miranda Cristales, PA-C, Plastic & Breast Reconstruction Surgery, Nancy Spadafore, RN – MSU Surgery Clinic Manager, Mary Smania, DNP, FNP-BC Genetics Testing & Counseling, and Pam Haan, RN, BSN, Research Coordinator.

Gail Meyer, RN and Pam Haan, R speak with attendees at 2016 Breastival.

Breastival attendees speak with from left, Gail Meyer, RN InterdisciplinaryBreast Cancer Clinic Coordinator and Pam Haan, RN, BSN, Research Coordinator.