Neurologist Amit Sachdev, MD, Interviewed For Self Magazine Article On Bells Palsy

July 26, 2017

ANGELINA JOLIE ADMITS SHE SUFFERED FROM BELLS PALSY LAST YEAR IN NEW VANITY FAIR INTERVIEW interviewed MSU neurologist Amit Sachdev, MD, to learn more about the neurological condition Bell’s Palsy following Angelina Jolie’s Vanity Fair article mentioned it as a medical condition she has had.

Amit Sachdev, MD is a neurologist who provides care to the public at MSU Neurology/Ophthalmology in East Lansing in addition to his faculty teaching duties. He specializes in neuromuscular medicine.

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Read more about Dr. Sachdev. To learn more about the practice or to get contact information for a referral, visit the MSU Neurology/Ophthalmology clinic page.