Ter Beek Named New Chief Financial Officer

March 21, 2022

Nate Ter Beek, MSU Health Care Chief Financial Officer

Ter Beek Named New Chief Financial Officer 

I am pleased to announce Nate Ter Beek as the new Chief Financial Officer. Ter Beek has a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Calvin University and he has many years of experience in accounting and finance.

Ter Beek was previously the Vice President of Finance for NxGen MDx where he served as lead executive and key decision-maker for all non-clinical areas. While at NxGen Ter Beek led a full redesign of the revenue cycle process which led to increased patient and employee satisfaction. He also ​held positions of Director of Operations and Director of Finance for Spectrum Health. During his time in operations, Ter Beek led several process improvement initiatives which led to reduced time to process new patient referrals and increased efficiencies in the practices. 

“The experience I have gained in both finance and operations at Spectrum will be helpful in my transition to MSU Health Care,” said Nate. “In my time in finance, I was able to support primary care, medical and surgical specialties which allows me to understand the nuances of each specialty. During my time in finance, I was also in charge of budgeting for the medical group and led the medical group finance team on mergers and acquisitions. My time in operations allowed me to see the impacts finance decisions make on the front-line staff and operations.”

As Chief Financial Officer, Nate is responsible for strategic recommendations and financial reporting to Executive Management, including financial and budget information along with planning and implementing the budget process and all fiscal activities and developing standards and procedures to maximize high performance.

Ter Beek’s first day was March 14. As part of the newly established MSU Health Care, his focus will be on the financial stability and growth of the organization.

“I am really excited to get back to patient care and once again be in a non-profit health care system,” said Nate. “It is a great honor and privilege to serve communities through providing healthcare.”

Nate’s experience and passion for accounting and finance makes him a valuable asset to MSU Health Care. Please join me in congratulating Nate on his new role!

Seth Ciabotti
MSU Health Care Chief Executive Officer