When You Are Ill

How Our Patient Centered Medical Home Benefits You

Our practice is a medical home, which means we are all on your team of caregivers. Our triage staff are very well trained and have the skills necessary to advise you or a family member about the management of many minor illnesses and injuries.

Please call during office hours and discuss your concern with a staff member. There may be times, however, after the staff member discusses your concern with your provider, you or your family member may be asked come in to the office to be seen by one of our providers on that same day or the next day. 


Guidelines for Primary Care, Urgent Care, and ER Visits

When should you visit your primary care doctor, urgent care or the emergency department?

Our MSU HealthTeam primary care providers created a set of guidelines to help you decide where to visit based on your health need, the severity of your symptoms, and time of day they occur.