MSU Health Care Alert

February 23, 2023


Wednesday, March 1, 2023
12 - 4 p.m.
Walk-ins welcome

MSU Health Care Psychiatry is offering free services to the campus community in response to the violence our community experienced. Call 517-353-3070 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Community Resources

Published 02/15/2023 at 1:30PM - Updated 3:27PM

Message From MSU Health Care Leadership

Published 02/17/2023 at 2:00PM

Dear Spartans,

As Interim President Teresa K. Woodruff so elegantly communicated yesterday, we are on a communal journey as a university. Like university leaders, MSU Health Care leaders continue to coordinate and communicate responses and steps to recovery. We continue to meet with our university leaders, mental health professionals and in small groups to integrate wisdom and take the next best step as a community of clinicians, academics and researchers.

Today, we began our second day of standard operations however, it is not business as usual. Health care is called to a higher engagement in times of trauma. At MSU Health Care, we again stepped up and answered the call, caring for our own and the community at large. Every one of you gave. We see your commitment to the health of this community. From those of you in our locations of modified operations who volunteered, to those of you who maintained schedules for care while processing your own grief to others who supported all the administrative tasks required of our enterprise. Thank you for your continued commitment to our mission of health, hope and healing.

As leaders, we continue to acknowledge each of us is on a personal journey and support steps to move forward. Yesterday, we transformed our monthly Health Connect provider networking event into a listening session for providers. Thank you to those who attended, seeking community, solace and healing. Hosted by Drs. Michael Weiner, Amit Sachdev and Robert Root, the session was guided by Miko Rose, DO, PhD and director of the “Joy Initiative” supported by discussion panelists Dawn Goldstein, PhD, and Jay Gottschalk, PhD.

As we move forward to take back our space and our campus, we will do so together.

Here is the latest information we have on activities and resources

MSU Health Care Psychiatry is providing counseling services for students, faculty and staff in coordination with MSU Counseling and Psychological services (CAPS), the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and the Worklife Office and the Center for Survivors as each person processes this moment. For more information about crisis resources, visit

The university has moved from a modified operational status to standard operations, but with the suspension of classes. This means that all university offices are open, with wide latitude provided to supervisors across our university network. Details on dining, athletic events and more can be found at

What you can do now

It is healthy and natural to seek connection with and support of our community. MSU Health Care social channels and our website, will be posting the most up-to-date information. Here is a quick list for reference:

Today we take another step toward healing. Thank you for all your efforts during this very difficult week. MSU Health Care and the whole Spartan community are resilient. Continue to find comfort in your communities, take care of yourself, and please use available resources as you need.

With you today and always, Spartan Strong,

MSU Health Care Leadership Team


Message From Chief Executive Officer

Published 02/15/2023 at 1:00PM

Dear Spartans,

The tragedy experienced on MSU’s campus Monday evening touched all of us. We join communities across America who have experienced violence in spaces dedicated to learning. Our hearts are with the students, families, and friends who witnessed this senseless violence.

The safety and security of our campus community is our priority. I’d like to thank and acknowledge the hundreds of people from MSU, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and first responders who worked in a coordinated effort to respond to the shooting. I’d also like to thank our leaders who responded, reaching out for information, and communicating to our community.

With the imminent threat over, we turn our attention to the grieving and healing process. Our health care community, skilled in providing support following traumatic moments such as this, have resources available at

MSU Health Care and the whole Spartan community are resilient. Together, we will heal from this tragedy. Now more than ever, our resilience and strength as Spartans is needed. Please find comfort in your communities, take care of yourself, and please use available resources as you need.

Seth Ciabotti
Chief Executive Officer
MSU Health Care

Message From Chief Medical Officer 

Published on 02/14/2023 at 2:00PM

In this moment of tragedy, we mourn and recover with you. Like all first responders, our profession carries a unique responsibility in that we are members of the community, but we also serve that same community. In many ways, the community needs us today.

As such, we hope to clarify MSU Health Care operations for Tuesday, February 14 and Wednesday, February 15, 2023: 


OPEN with limited services and hours 


  • In-person outpatient services at pediatric facilities off campus: Pediatrics Westside, Pediatrics Dewitt, Pediatrics Okemos, Pediatrics Lansing
  • In-person contractual services at nursing homes, inpatient facilities, outpatient off campus clinic sites 
  • In-person call coverage at inpatient facilities 
  • Virtual outpatient services on a case-by-case basis. Providers wishing to see patients in a virtual setting should coordinate with their units.  

Communication with your care team 

  • Telephones are being supported, with weekend operations in place.  
  • Please call your clinic for any emergent care needs. Patient initiated portal messages will experience disruption in monitoring. Please allow grace and the full 72 hour commitment for response during this time. 

Alongside personal recovery, our units and teams will also need to recover. With the imminent threat over, we turn our attention to the grieving and healing process. Resources are available at the Hannah Center for students, faculty and staff beginning 8 a.m. Tuesday. Counseling and Psychiatric Services and the Employee Assistance Program will be making programming and services available in the coming days. MSU Health Care and the whole Spartan community is resilient. Together we can heal from this tragedy. 

Now more than ever, our resilience and strength as Spartans is needed. Let’s share with each other the hope, health and healing we strive to provide to others as caregivers. Be kind. Show grace and compassion to yourself and to each other. We have achieved so much together; I trust we will come back from this too. 

With you today and everyday, 

Michael Weiner, DO 
Chief Medical Officer