Telehealth Services at MSU Health Care

Your doctor, virtually anywhere 

You want a safe, easy way to keep your appointment. With our telehealth (virtual) visit, current patients can keep their already scheduled appointments with our providers without having to leave the comfort of home or traveling long distances. Here is a snapshot of how it works.


Preparing for a "visit"

Please view the directions on how to start a telehealth visit. Below is a list of clinics that will be offering Virtual Visits through Telehealth. Call your provider to schedule a telehealth visit.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment do I need to receive a video visit?

    You will need a smartphone, tablet, or a computer with a camera or web cam, speakers and microphone. Download a PDF for instructions on how to prepare for your telehealth visit.

  • What can my doctor treat me for in a Virtual Visit?

    Medical conditions such as a cough, rash, sore throat, eye infection, routine follow-up for medication refills are all examples of visits that easy to conduct by your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our schedulers are able to verify if your visit is eligible for a telehealth visit. 

  • How much does a Virtual Visit cost?

    Costs are defined by the type of insurance plan you have. If there is a co-pay required by your insurance providers, a bill will be sent to you after your visit. 

  • How do I see my medical records?

    MyMSUHealth is one place to see all your records within the MSU HealthTeam care network. Visit summaries, vitals, and lab results with your providers advice included all reside in our portal. Your after-visit summary from your telehealth visit is always available to portal users. Sign up today!