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MSU Health Care Physical & Occupational Therapy is a high-energy, dynamic clinic that includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Lymphedema Services.

We provide our patients with an open, upbeat environment offering personalized care for a variety of diagnoses treating the spectrum of ages. We promote rehabilitation through one to one treatment sessions using specialized plans of care, person specific education, and instruction in home exercise methods for continued recovery. We offer sport specific workouts, and one-on-one sessions to continue your progress to reach your goals. Additionally, we offer convenient hours and extended days. In collaboration with MSU Sports Medicine, we can enhance an athlete’s performance and get you back in the game!

We believe Rehabilitation is not just about surviving, but THRIVING!


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    Physical Therapy

    Occupational Therapy

    Attention Training To Enhance Neurocognitive Development (ATTEND) Program

    Lymphedema Services

    Other Health & Wellness Services:

    One-On-One Core Stability and Stretching

    Improve your core and stretching routine by working with an experienced health care professional to modify and identify specific exercises for you and your fitness goals.

    Call 517.355.7648 for pricing and schedule.

    Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

    With the use of a personalized tourniquet system, Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy can be used with lower intensity exercises for people unable to perform high levels of exertion in adjunct to routine exercise (i.e. walking or resistance therapy). It can be used for strength training, endurance training and recovery.

    Call 517.355.7648 for pricing and schedule. 

    Lymphedema Manual lymph drainage & bandaging review

    Review the techniques that improved your measurements one-on-one with your Certified Lymphedema Therapist while you are free from recurrence or exacerbation.

    Call 517.355.7648 for pricing and schedule.


    Relax with a massage to help refresh and invigorate your training.
    Traditional Soft Tissue Massage (in development)
    Instrument-Aided Soft Tissue Massage
    Using the Graston technique, a trained professional will use instruments to better identify and treat soft tissue issues.

    Call 517.355.7648 for pricing and schedule

    alterG treadmill training

    This specialized treadmill unloads the body and allows you to increase your training volume while reducing the impact on your joints. Run like you are flying through space on this NASA inspired treadmill.

    Patient care comes first, so scheduled times may vary by 15' if in use by patient

    Call 517.355.7648 to schedule.

    free 10 minute trial offered, call Spartan Performance to schedule. No need to purchase shorts for free trial

    Return to play 

    Done with your Physical therapy rehabilitation but not quite ready to get back in the game? This personalized 1 group setting will get you back in the game! We offer 60’ sessions run by our physical therapy staff for your sport specific needs including high speed treadmill training for sprint mechanics, plyometrics and other strength and agility exercises to take you from the gym to the court, field or pitch as prepared as possible. 

    Call 517.355.7648 for pricing and schedule. 

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