Myasthenia Gravis Clinic

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is predominantly a disease of older men and younger women. Drooping eye lids, double vision, trouble swallowing, trouble breathing and weakness of the arms and legs are all hallmarks of the disease.

For more than 20 years the Department of Neurology and Ophthalmology has been seeing myasthenia gravis cases within the nationally regarded division of neuro-ophthalmology under MSU Neurology chairman David Kaufman, DO. Expanding the care, Amit Sachdev, MD, began the Myasthenia Gravis clinic offering additional expertise to nearly two decades of experience.

At MSU we offer the most sensitive diagnostic techniques (single fiber EMG) and the opportunity to participate in clinical research.

We see patients by appointment. Many insurances require a referral from your primary care provider to be seen by our specialist. Contact Neurology-Ophthalmology to schedule an appointment.