Pelvic Floor Therapy

Practice Philosophy

At MSU Health Care, our Pelvic Therapy practice is committed to patient-centered care, evidenced based practice and a comprehensive approach. Our therapists work in partnership with patients to create tailored treatment plans, incorporate the latest research-backed techniques and address physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of wellness, empowering individuals to actively engage in their recovery.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

At MSU Health Care, our dedicated pelvic therapist brings specialized expertise to understand and address the intricacies of trunk, pelvic and lower extremity conditions.  Our practitioners offer comprehensive care that extends beyond physical aspects, incorporating emotional and psychological factors to promote healing.  During your initial evaluation, you and your therapist will not only discuss your current concern but also other pertinent information including bladder/bowel function, food/fluid intake, history of other musculoskeletal complaints, previous surgeries and goals.  She will evaluate your trunk function including breathing mechanics and posture, assess spine mobility, lower extremity range of motion and test overall strength.  She will also examine movement patterns such as squats, lifts, balance, and gait.

Your therapist will also explain the purpose of a pelvic floor muscle assessment. This procedure will generally occur on the 2nd visit, but when and if this occurs is ultimately up to you. This assessment allows your therapist to gain valuable information about your muscle function and will help to ensure that your treatment plan is personalized to you.  We understand that this may seem uncomfortable to many individuals, but it is important to note that your therapist is a highly trained and sensitive professional who will ensure your comfort and dignity is always respected.  We encourage you to ask as many questions as necessary in order to ease any fears.


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