Self Pay Services

Return to Play 

Done with your physical therapy rehabilitation but not quite back to 100%? This personalized group setting will get you back in the game! We offer 60 minute sessions run by our physical therapy staff for your sport-specific needs including high-speed treadmill training for sprint mechanics, plyometrics, and other strength and agility exercises. Go from the gym to the court, field, or pitch as prepared as possible. 

Cost $42.50/60 minute session, group setting.

Return To Play Registration:

Anti-Gravity Treadmill® Training 

This specialized treadmill unloads the body and allows you to increase your training volume while reducing the impact on your joints. Run like you are flying through space on this NASA-inspired treadmill. Patient care comes first, so scheduled times may vary by 15 minutes if in use by a patient. 

Cost $10.00/30 minute session when you buy 10 sessions, please go to alterG website ( ) to purchase your own shorts to bring to each session.

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy 

With the use of a personalized tourniquet system, Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy can be used with lower-intensity exercises for people unable to perform high levels of exertion in adjunct to routine exercise (i.e. walking or resistance therapy). It can be used for strength training, endurance training, and recovery.

Cost $45.00/30 minute session. 

Instrument-Aided Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM) 

Relax with a massage to help refresh and invigorate your training. Using the Graston technique, a trained.

Cost 30$/25 minute session.

FOR PRICING OR MORE INFORMATION: Ask at our front desk or call 517.355.7648 

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